Now that School is back in session...
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Now that School is back in session….

It’s time to rejuvenate your home after having the kids home for 3 solid months. Let Chem-Dry help you with some helpful suggestions for getting back into a routine. With some organization and some creativity, this can be a smooth transition and above can be maintained.

A Shoe Organizer

Place a shoe organizer by the main entrances of your home to remind those who enter to remove their shoes and spare the carpet. Having dirty carpet can make the rest of you home feel not so clean as well. Take good care of your carpet by avoiding shoes from contacting the carpet, which brings in outdoor germs, dirt and yuck. A shoe organizer is a cheap and easy way to eliminate unwanted dirt when your children come home from school.

Door Mats Are A Must

Welcome mats and area rugs can help preserve the lifespan of the carpet and other flooring in your home. Have your little ones wipe those feet before entering your home so that your house can maintain the freshness of the house.

Light Chores Do A Home Good

Vacuuming! Did you know that vacuuming your home is a very important part of preserving the life of your carpet? Vacuuming regularly helps suck up dirt that can still be brought in, any pet hair, germs, flea eggs, and other pollutants. Fortunately, vacuuming can be fun and most aged children can do this and feel that they are helping with keeping the home clean and healthy. Include this task in a simple chore chart that will get all the kids helping with the necessary housework.